What is the difference between an axial flow and a centrifugal fan?

Do you want to save seconds in your next assault on the Green Hell? Lars Kern says that the majority of drivers can't avoid flinching a little in this curve to the left, because the surface is very bumpy. But the asphalt provides a superior grip and the centrifugal forces that act generated a lot of traction, so that is one of the few twists in the face of the Earth that allows you to speed up. Remember to disconnect before any sense of mechanical sympathy.

The Panamera Turbo that you used Lars to set the record in between cars, four-doors in the Green Hell was wearing the tires and the engine series with centrifugal fan. In fact, he was going to do it with one fresh out of the factory, but Kern, aware that the vehicle would reach speeds of 290 km/h a few centimeters of the guardarraíles and the trees, insisted in a safety cage and seat racing. Is fair, you will be in agreement. Of course, the anti-roll bars added to a weight of 50 kg to the model, so Porsche, cunningly, could have used a Panamera with less equipment to weigh less... But no.